Your Back-To-School Eco Bag

Billboard vinyl isn’t a material I’d normally consider for a bag, but now that TerraCycle and Yak Pak are co-creating environmentally responsible backpacks, messenger bags, wallets and totes from this material, I’m willing to take a look.

After all, TerraCycle is known for making green, affordable products from non-recyclable waste. And the bags, which are manufactured in a hydroelectric powered factory in El Salvador, are each unique because all are cut from a different section of thousands of various billboards. So that one pictured? Yours won’t look like that.

It adds an air of mystery to the back-to-school process of choosing your bag, but don’t worry -- all bags are created by a Yak Pak design team in Brooklyn that knows cool from lame. And you get to be all green with your eco-friendly purchase.

Also, both the backpack and the messenger bag cost just $35 and come with a lifetime warranty. That’s like pennies a year, as long as you use it into retirement.