A Lip Stain That Takes A Lickin' And Keeps On Stickin'

While Melissa prefers a traditional lipstick, I'm more of a lip gloss gal -- it feels lighter and I can apply it without looking in a mirror (I'm super no-nonsense when it comes to makeup). However, the one drawback of lip gloss is it only stays put for about 15 minutes until I have to reapply. My newest solution? Lip stain. As the name indicates, it stays put. My current favorite is Pixi Lip Blush in "Love" ($18), a flirty pink that is neutral enough to wear anywhere and every day. It's sold at my -- and your -- favorite retail superstore, Target. Pixi Lip Blush comes in six great colors, and has a felt-like tip, so it's almost like coloring in your lips with a marker, which equals FUN.

Only want a hint of color? One application will do. Want a more intense hue? Double or triple it up. Pixi Lip Blush doesn't dry out your pucker, and it lasts all day which means I can go through as many Tootsie Pops as I want. Finally, a lip product that doesn't interfere with my love for candy. Sweet.