Decorate Your Drinks!

I love a foamy drink, like a hot chocolate or a cappuccino or anything that can create a satisfying mustache upon intake. And now that the seasons-of-hot-drinks are approaching, I have a new reason to love foam: Coffee Stencils! With images and phrases and zodiac signs to choose from ($10 each), this invention may reinvent my morning. And you can even create your own personalized coffee stencil ($15), so you can ask someone to the prom or send a message to your mom or even creatively beg for your dream internship (bosses love coffee).

Choose cocoa or cinnamon or any kind of powder you'd like in your drink, and the stencil does the work for you! Here's an instructional video from Coffee Stencil, so you'll know what you're getting into. It's pretty easy, and it led me to even more riveting latte art footage, like this:

Beverage Artist may be my new calling.