Fashion Blogger Gabrielle Noone, 15, Talks Shop

It's Fashion Week in NYC, and that means we've got a week full of Style posts coming your way. First, we scored an interview with Gabrielle Noone, 15, the Philadelphia-based blogger behind Quirky and Co. We love that she blogs about fashion and food -- and she's a DIY girl who's obsessed with bows and polka dots. In other words, a girl after our own hearts.  

I Heart Daily: Why/when/how did you start blogging? Gabrielle Noone: Last summer, I found myself a little bored. I was spending my days lounging on the couch watching Lifetime in my pajamas, eating granola (I still do this a lot, but that's beside the point!). I'd been reading a lot of blogs by other teenage girls and found them to be so inspiring and fun, so I thought Hey, why not try my hand at this? Most of my friends aren't really into fashion, so it's a great outlet to connect with others interested in the same things!

IHD: Who are your favorite designers? GN: When I was about nine, I saw an exhibit of Elsa Schiaparelli's work and she's been one of my favorite designers since. She created much of the groundwork for clothing today. Lately I've been really into Eley Kishimoto. I love their mixing of bright, happy patterns and feminine dresses. I'm quite fond of Moschino's whimsical nature. Rodarte's clothes are so innovative and beautiful. Other than that, I like Marni, Luella, Marc Jacobs, Sonia Rykiel, and Miu Miu.

IHD: What are you creating currently? GN: I try my hand at sewing and designing, and I'm getting better! I wish I were able to bust out adorable dresses, but I need lots of guidance as I do it. Right now, I'm making lots and lots of zipper flowers and fabric rosettes by hand. I'm using them to make necklaces and headbands and anything else i can think of!

IHD: What's on your wish list? GN: I'm in need of some new shoes. My feet have grown over the summer and it's the worst! I'm looking for ballet flats in lots of bright colors. Also, an arsenal of 1950's dresses would be the greatest for back to school!

IHD: Who are your style muses? GN: Well lately, I've been watching a lot of The Nanny reruns and I've sort of become obsessed with Fran's style. I wish I had the courage to pull off some of the things she wears! I also have a slight fascination with Laverne from Laverne and Shirley and her wardrobe of monogrammed shirts. I guess I've always watched way too much TV, therefore I've always had this dream of having a crew of people creating a wardrobe for me based on my personality. I love the idea of having a personal uniform.

IHD: What's the best reader comment you've ever gotten? GN: Well the other day, Mary of the blog Hail Mary, posted this in response to a dress I made: "WHAAAT WHAAAT hyperventilates OMG SO CUTE AHHHHHHHHH Cutesttt!" And while I certainly think that the dress was not worthy of such emotion, comments like that just make me smile!

IHD: Any word on that Etsy shop you might open? GN: I am in fact in the process of creating items to sell! That's what the aforementioned zipper flowers are for. I've wanted to create a shop for awhile and things just seem to be coming together.

Watch this space and follow Gabrielle on twitter for updates. You heard it here first, people. Now excuse me while I plan what to wear with my signature Gabrielle Noone zipper rosettes.