Hear(t) It: The Idle Hands

Idle hands can do a lot of things: make cookies, knit a sweater, go bowling, perform some really intricate shadow puppetry.

However, these Idle Hands are a band from Minneapolis. Comprised of a pair of familial Irish ex-pats -- brothers Ciaran and Croistoir -- and a few Midwestern natives, the Idle Hands make music reminiscent of iconic Brit popsters Pulp, meaning they sound part glam, part disco, and part good ole rock 'n' roll. The band's debut album, The Hearts We Broke On The Way To The Show, drops today and its single “Loaded” is the perfect song for any evening where something... interesting might happen.

Read on to find out what front-man Ciaran Daly is loving right now.

I Heart Daily: Who is your rock 'n' roll idol? Ciaran Daly: Idolizing people is such hard work. But if David Bowie and Marc Bolan's DNA could be fused with Jarvis Cocker's, we'd be getting somewhere.

IHD: What bands/albums are you into right now? CD: Communist Daughter. They're on [our record label] Pretty Kids Collective with us, and they're brilliant.

IHD: Favorite meal? CD: Breakfast at the Bryant Lake Bowl in [Minneapolis]. Preferably after the crack of noon.

IHD: Name the one item of clothing you can't live without. CD: The Buckler jacket Ra'mon Lawrence tailored for me. Fits me like a second skin.

IHD: Any reading recommendations? CD: The Soul of Man Under Socialism & Selected Critical Prose, by Oscar Wilde. Sometimes I swear he saw this century coming.