Origami? GIRLigami!

In Japanese culture, folding a thousand paper cranes — called senbazuru – makes a person’s dream come true. For this reason, senbazuru are given to people on special occasions, like birthdays and weddings. I have made a thousand cranes twice in my lifetime. Not sure if anyone’s wish came true, but one thing is certain: it will be a long time before I fold another thousand. Still, my love for origami lives on (just not in aviary form). And lucky for me, I found a new, fun book by Cindy Ng called Girligami: A Fresh, Fun, Fashionable Spin On Origami($12). Gone are the traditional turtles and irises! See ya, Mr. Crane! Girligami shows you how to make 25 all-new origami pieces, and some of my favorites are the cupcakes, a laptop and best of all, a pair of foxy pumps. (Did I mention the really cute panda?) Along with clear and easy directions for you to follow, Girligami also provides beautifully printed paper for your projects. You can do whatever you want with your creations (and the book gives you lots of ideas!), but I plan to use mine as spectacular gift toppers. Martha Stewart, eat my dust.