Psychic Teen "Sees" Cancer

Sometimes I feel like I possess paranormal abilities. Like, I'll have a premonition that something will happen and then, lo and behold, it does! But then I realize I'm just recounting an old episode of Friends in my head and I feel stupid and disappointed. Le sigh. However, for 19-year-old Heather, her abilities to see colors and read "auras" have real-life consequences. Since she was a kid, Heather has been colors around everything, even including them in her crayon drawings. Eventually she learned what colors were "good" and what ones were "bad."

One of those "bad" colors is brown (surprised?). After seeing a brown aura around a friend of the family, she reported he was sick. Though doctors saw nothing wrong with him, a second medical opinion revealed that he had cancer. And not only can Heather read auras, it's also been reported she can see into other people's bodies, much like an x-ray. It's an amazing and special ability, but with great powers comes great responsibility. "Sometimes, you don't want to know that about everybody, so you don't want to look and you're just like, you're afraid of what you'll find," she has said.

I may not have Heather's abilities, but I hope if I ever run into her that my aura looks bright, happy and healthy. With rainbows and unicorns. And perhaps some glitter and confetti.