Reader Request: Cute School Bags

We recently got a request from a loyal I Heart Daily reader to feature an assortment of cute, functional and affordable school bags that weren't your traditional backpack. We work for the people. We can to rise to the challenge! Here are our picks: 1. Nikki McClure Tote, BuyOlympia (pictured, $18). This bag is more style than function, but it's perfect for those light homework days. Designed by the amazing Nikki McClure, these cozy mushrooms printed on 100% recycled material is great fun(gus).

2. Boat and Tote Bag, LL Bean ($25-$38). LL Bean totes are the bag equivalents of the Little Black Dress. They have a classic shape that will never go out of style, and they go with everything. This particular tote has a zipper top so nothing embarrassing (cough*tampons*cough) has the chance to fall out when you're rushing off to class. It comes in 14 colors and four sizes. And if you want to up the preppy level, slap your initials on for an additional 6 bucks.

3. Messenger Tote, Manhattan Portage ($34.30, sale). Manhattan Portage products are sort of like a Honda or Toyota -- you know a bag from them is going to be sturdy and dependable. Lots of pockets and reinforced stitching means this vibrant purple number will get a lot of mileage, perhaps even into grad school.

4. Leopard Dickies Tote, Journey's ($30). Take a walk on the wild side with this Dickies leopard print tote. It features two front zippered pockets (excellent for your pencils, pens and TI-82) and sturdy canvas straps, which means you can lug all those books home during midterms.

5. Vintage Pan Am Flight Bag, eBay (various prices). Type in "vintage pan am bag" on eBay and you'll find a handful of these stylish carryalls from the 1960s airline. You can buy new replicas of these vinyl totes on various site, but they'll cost you a couple Jacksons more. Thank us later.