Sweet Vegan Fragrances

While I admit to really loving cheeseburgers (sorry, vegetarians!), I don't want them to be part of my beauty routine. Anne mentioned some amazing vegan makeup she found, and now it's my turn to endorse some awesomely animal-byproduct-free fragrances. Lollibomb Beauty has a huge and ever-growing list of scents with natural ingredients like essential and organic oils from shea nut, hemp seed, and sunflower. And they come in roller-size at $7 for 1/3 oz!

I'm a big roller-scent fan: Cute bottles, easy application to the pulse points and incredibly pocket-friendly. And you wouldn't believe the selection of fragrances here. Founder and Mix Master Luca Cusolito has created Gingerbread, Dragon's Blood, Lucky Bamboo, New Age Girl, Warm Pumpkin Muffin and tons more... are you enchanted yet?

There's also a 4 oz. Vegan Body Spray for $10, and even more fragrances are available in this fine mist format, which can also help detangle and add shine to your hair. Magic!