Textually Harassed? That's Not Cool!

True story: I was once textually harassed by a guy for two weeks. The sound of a SMS alert started to sound more like a death toll than a happy reminder. The line between attentive and stalkerish is a fine one, people! Most people have a similar dating experience to share. Long gone are the innocent days of passing notes between classes in the hallway. Social-networking sites and cell phones make it easy to connect with others, but also easy to harass. Whether it’s your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or your current main squeeze, technology has added yet another speed bump on the road to modern romance.This is where That's Not Cool comes in -- it's a new website and campaign to  prevent teen dating digital abuse. Did you know one in three teens say they have been textually harassed by a romantic partner? And half of teenage girls say pressure from a guy is the reason they send sexy messages or images. (As if normal pressure isn't enough, now there's virtual pressure! Argh.)

At That's Not Cool, you can share your own not-so-great dating stories and experiences with others, watch hilarious videos, and find help if you need it. Will someone not stop calling you? Send a witty, to-the-point "callout card" to the perpetrator. My personal favorite: "Thanks to your constant calls, the sound of your voice officially makes me want to puke."

Ah, poetic justice.

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