An Owling Good Time

What is it about owls that make us want to collect them? Is it their sense of mystery and mythicism? Their aura of magic and darkness? (Or am I just watching too many Harry Potter movies?) Whatever the reasons may be, owls have always captured our attention, because they are beautiful creatures. Lucky for us, there is currently a plethora of owl merchandise for us to covet. Behold five of our favorites:

1. Pigwidgeonette Earrings, Modcloth ($24). Adorable vintage-inspired earrings look absolutely cheery in bright orange. I shall name them... Orville and Petunia. They're twins.

2. Deco Owl Tee, Delia's ($24.50). This royal blue shirt with a pink and purple graphic owl will look great with jeans and a hoodie. It's so nouveau, it hurts.

3. Silver Metal Hanging Owl Pendant, Unique Vintage ($20). I hate using cliches like "statement piece," but this owl pendant is a statement piece. A simple black dress with this around your neck will make heads turn. (Get it? Heads turn? Yuk, yuk!)

4. Owl Notecard Set, CutxPaste ($12). Whimsical owl illustrations by Susie of boygirlparty make these blank cards mini pieces of art. Instead of starting your letter with, "How are you," why not, "Hoo are you." (Last owl joke -- I promise!)

5. Owl Tea Light Holder, Etsy ($5). Melissa and I were just pontificating upon the loveliness of tea lights, so I find this little guy adorable. Dim the lights, pretend you're in a dark, wooded forest and watch him glow.