Where The Wild Things Are: Outdoors

It's a beautiful, sunny fall day. The air is fresh with a bit of crispness, and it smells like fallen leaves. Ahh... nature! But there you are stuck inside. Watching a re-run of who knows what. Zombie-eyed and glued to the boob tube. To combat this unfortunate trend, the National Wildlife Federation had teamed up with the highly anticipated Spike Jonze film Where the Wild Things Are to launch a nationwide campaign called Be Out There. Its goal? To instill in youth a life-long appreciation of nature. We all love our technology, but gadgets can't duplicate the glory of the great outdoors!


According to the campaign's website, staying indoors too much decreases your creativity (bad!), while outdoor time enhances your ability to retain information and learn (good!). Be Out There gives fun tips and activities ideas; it also awakened my nostalgia for summer camp and the days when I didn't rely on my iPhone for, well, everything. On my agenda? Making the crown that Max wears in the story and building a tree fort. (TREE FORT!)

So put away the iPod. Turn off the computer. Shut down the DVR. And take a visit to the land of the Wild Things. Wolf costume optional.