Days of Our Lives Star Taylor Spreitler, 16

Have you ever dreamed of being on a soap opera, or was that just me? I practiced my serious stare in the mirror, knowing I could hold the perfect scene-closing face for daytime TV. But I never actually, you know, got on TV. Sixteen-year-old Taylor Spreitler did. The Hattiesburg, Mississippi native plays Mia, a teenage mother, on Days of Our Lives. She also collects Marilyn Monroe memorabilia and names both Pocahontas and Milk as her favorite movies, which intrigues me. So I had to ask her some questions. I Heart Daily: What's it like to play a pregnant teen who's now a young mother on Days? Taylor Spreitler: That pregnancy pad was so uncomfortable, so I'm glad she had the baby! It's a challenging role -- I hope it portrays how incredibly difficult it is to be a young pregnant teen and how life changing that can be.

IHD: In real life, you're an unpregnant, regular girl. So tell us about what you like to do off set. TS: I love reading. My favorite books are Heroin Diaries, The White Tiger and Kiss and Make-Up.

IHD: On to style. What's in your fall closet? TS: I wear boots all the time! My favorites are a pair of beat-up brown cowboy boots I found at a vintage store a few years ago.

IHD: Any secrets to soap-star beauty? TS: I love Moroccan Oil hair products -- my hair goes through a lot with the styling everyday and studio lights, and it is the only thing that helps.

IHD: And finally, just how into Marilyn Monroe are you? TS: I have about 20 pictures, lots of books, a jewelry box, t-shirts, everything. My favorite is a poster of her dressed entirely in white on a white background with a leopard print frame. I have it in my dressing room.

And her t-shirt, in case you're wondering, is from Kitson (it's sold out but Cafe Press has hundreds of others like it).

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