Drugstore Buys from Teen Vogue's Eva Chen

Teen Vogue Beauty Director Eva Chen has every right to be very intimidating. I mean, she works at Teen Vogue and she samples the best of the beauty world daily. Luckily, she's a very cool, down-to-earth girl after our own hearts. Here's Part One of our interview with her, where she gushed about the joy that is drugstore beauty.

I Heart Daily: Truthfully, are you into drugstore beauty aisles? Eva Chen: I am the queen of drugstore beauty! I would say 98% of my beauty regimen comes from the shelves of Duane Reade/CVS/that ilk.

IHD: Cool! Give us some skincare advice. EC: For relatively problem-free skin (as in, not dealing with acne or rosacea), I adore Olay Regenerist ($18). My skin just eats it up and it gives it a great glow by increasing skin cell turnover. I use their SPF 25 on my face, neck, and the backs of my hands every morning.

IHD: Mascara is my makeup weakness -- I think wearing it instantly brightens my face. Any tips there? EC: Cover Girl's Lash Blast Length ($7.50) is brand new and it's my new everyday mascara. Note: this mascara will not give you that gloppy, thick, super dramatic lash. It's for girls who like to have ultra-natural -- but crazy long --Bambi-style lashes! I keep one of this mascara at home and one at work, because that's just how much I love it.

IHD: Nice! Haircare thoughts? EC: Garnier shampoo and conditioners ($4-$8) are great bang for the buck -- they work well, smell good (but not too fruity or foodie), and leave hair shiny and soft.

IHD: And now we get to the body... what's awesome? EC: I really like the Soap & Glory line at Target. It's the brainchild of Bliss Spa's Marcia Kilgore. The body scrub performs especially well -- after you use it, you don't need to moisturize!

IHD: Lightning round. Name some more heartable, affordable buys. Go! EC: 1. Aveeno Ultra-calming. Amazing for sensitive skin. 2.Neutrogena sunscreen. Anytime I beach! 3. Mark by Avon. Cute makeup at great prices. 4. Revlon nail polish. Easy to apply, and more mistake-proof than most!

Do you love this girl or what? Thanks, Eva! PS-If you like expert beauty advice, check out our interview with Nylon Beauty Director Holly Siegel, complete with even more drugstore picks.