Eating Candy... A Crime?

I have a sweet tooth. And, yes, that sweet tooth has a cavity in it. (Hey, I really do brush and floss every day!). So imagine my dismay today, as I was munching on a Butterfinger, when I came across this Time article explaining the correlation between eating candy in childhood and... adult crime! Ay dios mio.

Simon Moore, a senior lecturer in Violence and Society Research at Cardiff University in the U.K., has been conducting an ongoing study on what factors lead children to commit crimes as adults. He has been following 17,000 people born in April 1970; when they were 10, he asked them how much candy they ate, and at 34 they were asked if they had been convicted of a crime. A whopping 69% who had been convicted of a violent crime admitted to eating candy almost every day as a child.

This study did take into account other factors like family, environment and education, but candy consumption still prevailed as the connector. Moore suggests that a eating a lot of treats as a kid shows a lack of discipline and a need for instant gratification that manifests in adulthood as poor decision-making skills and impulse control. Overall, this study makes an excellent argument for the importance that diet has in affecting behavior.

So... yeah. I should bulk up on the veggies instead of M&Ms (I know, candy corn doesn't count as a vegetable!). The good news? Thus far, I have managed to stay out of jail -- even with my accomplices Mr. Sour Patch and Ms. Baby Ruth egging me on.