Hear(t) It: Sissy Wish

What did I do this weekend? Well, thanks for asking! Let me tell you: This weekend I saw the absolutely charming Sissy Wish play at NYC's The Living Room. She's like Bjork's younger, less forlorn sister. Or a more sprite-like version of Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. In any case, I was smitten once she took the stage in a vest made of cassette tapes and started doing Muppet-like robot dance moves. Success!

Sissy Wish (real name Siri Walberg) hails from Bergen, Norway. She started playing music as a teen thanks to her brother: "His band was always rehearsing downstairs and I heard the drumbeat going on all the time. I just felt it in my stomach that I wanted to do the same thing."

A couple bands, a few albums and years later, she found herself trying to tour in the US. To afford the costs of touring, she dropped the real instruments and band members, and switched to synthesizers, samplers and electronic beats. Her unintentional new sound lead to the creation of her album, Beauties Never Die, that was released in Norway in 2007, but just made its was across the Atlantic to us this year. BND is sonic smorgasbord full of unexpected hooks, clashes, bangs and futuristic robot noises with Siri's cartoonish, Betty Boop-like voice gluing everything together like a piece of Hubba Bubba.

I sat down with Siri after her show to ask a few questions:

I Heart Daily: On the road, there's not much time for a beauty routine. What's the one thing you make sure to carry with you?

Siri Walberg: Red lipstick. Let me show you...it's Yves Saint Laurent in Rouge Volupte. I put it on before I go on stage, and at the end of my set I look at the microphone and my lipstick is all over it. I feel bad for the person after me!

IHD: What's a Norwegian band we should listen to?

SW: Ungdomskylen. It means "Youth School" in Norwegian.

IHD: What's the best food you've had in America?

SW: I like Mexican food -- tacos and burritos. A journalist in New Mexico asked what my favorite meal was in the US and I said sushi in Kansas City. I don't think I impressed him with that answer!

Watch Sissy Wish play one of the songs off Beauties Never Die, "Float":