Jewelry 2.0: Get Your Geek On

Just like music, fashion and culture represent the changing times, so does jewelry. Romantic cameos were popular during the Victorian Era, while a strand of pearls defined the '50s and '60s. And who knew safety pins doubled as earrings until British punks got creative? Today, our ever-advancing technology has spawned some pieces of geeky jewelry. Better get them fast before Jewelry 2.1 breaks.

1. Twitter Pendant, Survival of the Hippest (pictured, price varies).

Miley Cyrus is over Twitter, but maybe that's because she never saw this! Wear your personal Twitter address as a necklace, key chain, bracelet, anklet or pin. They charge by character, so if your twitter handle is "@likeohmygodiamtweetingandiamsocool," you might want to consider choosing a new one before you order.

2. Alt Keyboard Necklace, Geekware ($15).

Former Waste Management Engineer Nicola Harper makes jewelry and accessories from the computer waste she finds in landfills. Her earrings and necklaces, fashioned from old keyboard keys, are the cutest. I like this "Alt" key pendant, which reminds me of that line from Whip It: "Alternative to what?"

3. Pathway Keyboard Earrings, Upcycled ($12).

For a twist on the traditional hoop earring, try this taco-shaped pair made from the inside of a keyboard. Very Tron.

4. Swarovski Happy Laura USD Pendant, Saks ($180).

This crystal emblazoned USB pendant costs an arm, a leg, and a perhaps a foot, too, but it's so pretty and sparkly! Techy lux to the maximum. But for more affordable, but equally cute, alternative check out this heart shaped USB necklace.

5. Digital Picture Pendant, PB Teen ($29).

We've already proclaimed our love for lockets, and here's a more modern version: a heart pendant that holds up to 60 images. Perfect for those times when one crush just isn't enough.