Pretty Hairclips for $12 or Less

So I'm sort of on a spending freeze when it comes to new clothes. But, hair accessories aren't really clothes, right? They can totally make an outfit if they're quirky and cute, like these five picks. Plus, they're affordable, so go nuts! 1. Button Bobby Pins, Etsy ($4.50 for a set of four, shown). Designer DawnWillBreak has a ton of fantastic accessories for sale, and these Coffee House Button designs caught my eye. Check out her shop -- she even has a Twilight-inspired set and a trio dedicated to Romance.

2. Crochet Hairclips, Wren Handmade ($12). All of these pieces are soft and sweet, but this dandelion is my favorite.

3. Vintage Minis, Shanalogic ($12). Classic rosebud and tulip barrettes earn you retro cred with bold color snaps.

4. Burger Clips, Naughty Secretary Club ($10 for 2). Conversation starter alert! This may be the only time food-in-hair is not only acceptable, but also cool. And the burgers even have little American cheese slices on them. Is anyone else hungry?

5. Satin Rose Bobby Pins, Forever 21 ($3.80 for 2). These may look a little weak on their own, but if you tuck them into a sweeping updo, you'll feel the Princess magic!