Put On Your Halloween Face

We've all done the last-minute Halloween costume, and it blows. Running through empty drugstore or Target aisles and choosing the half-torn witch dress is not ideal. So let's plan. Here are five ways to get inspired, beauty-wise. You'll  outshine the jack-o-lanterns!

1. Glow-in-the-Dark Lipstick, Gone Blue ($3). Looks normal in the light, but glows when the sun goes down. How cool is that?! Reapply all day to give it maximum glowability -- this lipstick gets its power from the light. Also try: Glow-in-the-dark nails from Be Wild ($4 per color, pictured).

2. Baked Eye Shadow, Urban Vibe ($2). The gritty-pretty dark and sparkling color combinations from Wet Seal are conveniently on sale. I may paint myself dark rainbow eyelids in shades of green, blue and purple. At this price I can afford every hue!

3. Feather Eyelashes, Intrinsic Imagination ($22 and up). Can we talk doe eyes? I may be a fairy, a sorceress, or a fashionista from the age of art deco. Any way you spin it, I feel out-of-this-world gorgeous with these on my peepers.

4. Blood & Effects Gel, Stage and Theater Makeup ($2.50 and up). It's about to get ugly, but hey, this is Halloween, not Cinderella's ball. Find the perfect fake blood and scar tissue kits here.

5. Magic Eye Dust, Lime Crime ($9). This mystical substance is highly pigmented so it won't streak or cake, and it's very long-lasting. Translation: You can go way dark, all night long.