Style Steal: Locket Rings

I've covered my love for locket pendants, and now my obsession with secret-keeping jewelry has a new focus: Locket Rings. They're bewitching in a way that feels very right for October -- doesn't it seem like they might contain poison? Or maybe a photo of your dog. Below, five stylish ways to display whatever you choose to hold in your jewelry. There's no judgment here.

1. Truffle Secret Compartment Ring, papernstitch, $16 (pictured). I'm in love with this vintage mini locket with a tiny ivory rose sitting atop it. Why can't boys ever pick out stuff like this?

2. Vintage Avon Floral Cameo Perfume Locket Ring, ebay, $12 at press time. Hit up ebay for "locket ring" finds, and you'll discover gems like this one -- so pretty!

3. Butterfly or Bird Locket Ring, babyjewlz, $9. This faded brass ring comes with a butterfly or bird image decal that's varnished onto the locket. Sweet and antiqued.

4. Sterling Silver Moonstone Ring, amazon, $20. The Moonstone is rainbow when you flash it in the light! Plus, with its 8mm round compartment, you could hold a tiny scroll in here with your deepest wish written on it. Am I getting too fantastical here?

5. Claddagh Poison Ring, Celtic Merchant, $20. This Celtic ring is the symbol for love and friendship, but, you know, with room for poison just in case you need it.