Subtly Scary Halloween Accessories, $20 and Under

You may have noticed that we've done a couple of Halloween-related posts lately. Well, that's because Halloween is fun. I'm in favor of everyone going ALL OUT, but I do understand that some of us are a little more... subtle. And so I present to you five accessories that will give you that hint-o-Halloween look. Because you don't necessarily have to wear glow-in-the-dark makeup or rock Lady Gaga sparklepants to be festive next Saturday.

1. Beaded Spider Hair Bow, Blooming Bows ($11, shown). Full disclosure: I think this clip is meant for little kids, but it's got such style (Orange organza! A beaded spider!) that I must recommend that you rock it.

2. Glass Candy Corn Earrings, Shanalogic ($12). Finally, ears of Candy Corn. Celebrate George Renninger's signature Halloween treat in style. (Also check out the Creepy Bunny Reversible Necklace, $15.)

3. Cobweb Net Tights, Topshop ($16). Get the fashionable kind of spider veins.

4. Vampire Fangs Necklace, Etsy ($20). Okay, Team Edward, wear this Everdreamdesign creation to your Twilight-themed Halloween party and pick fights with the people wearing the Jacob-loving Howling Wolf  pendant ($18). (Or just go with Bella's Good Luck Charm, $20.)

5. Kiss Halloween Nails, Drugstores ($4). A full set of glue-tab nails in Skull, Silver Spider Web or Vampire Red designs. Available at Walgreens, CVS and Kmart (not online, since they're limited-edition -- sorry!).