Teen Vogue's Eva Chen Talks Beauty

Teen Vogue Beauty Director Eva Chen gave us her favorite low-priced beauty picks earlier this month, and now she's dishing on her top little-known brands, what's splurge-worthy and the best beauty advice she's ever gotten. I Heart Daily: What are some products that are worth splurging on? Eva Chen: Ah, this list could potentially be as long as the drugstore list! I love SK-II anything. Seriously. Cate Blanchett's skin is pretty amazing testimony. I always travel with these masks and use them as a pick me up. Makeup artist Pat McGrath swears by them too! Also, invest in a signature fragrance. Fragrance lasts a long time and people often form serious emotional bonds to them. So why not splurge on something beautiful from Bond No 9 or Jo Malone?

IHD: Any little known brands you love?

EC: I love Pacifica candles, custom-blended scents from Memoire Liquide, mascara from Darac Beauty, and Joya candles as well!

IHD: What are the best beauty tips you've ever gotten? EC: 1. Spend money to see a dermatologist. Tell them that you only have money in your budget for 1-2-or 3 appointments, and ask them for straight-forward advice (without using lasers, fillers or pricey prescriptions) on how to get perfect skin.

2. Don't touch your face more than you have to. You're more likely to break out and... germs -- enough said.

3. Sleep. A LOT.

4. You are what you eat. I know, it's been said before -- but it's true! Eating a diet packed with fresh fruits and veggies and low on refined sugar will make a huge difference in your complexion!

Thanks, Eva! I like #3! Read Eva and the Teen Vogue Beauty team's beauty blog here. (I for one will be picking up this RGB nail polish they just featured, STAT).