Your Soundtrack For Fall

I'm just like everyone else: I read a lot of blogs. But few have my dedicated readership! One I make sure to hit every day is Skatterbrain -- a music blog run by Matthew Edwards, who's been writing about the sweet sounds of indiepop for the last four years on his persona site. One of the reasons I like his blog more than bigger web sites is because he's just a dude who writes about music he loves. He's like a mom and pop store I want to support. Every so often, Matthew puts together great music mixes for his readers that you can download. He compiled one for the month of October, choosing autumnal tunes that would nicely accompany "a walk through the neighborhood, the city, or even the woods!" Included in this mix is a song by , who's new album is getting great reviews; All Girl Summer Fun Band, who's music is just as fun as its moniker would indicate; and Velocity Girl, a super great girl-fronted band from the '90s (go buy their album ¡Simpatico!). Download the October Mix now to hear 14 tracks of pure bliss and get turned on to some great new (and old) bands. Oh, and did we mention it's free? Because it is!

Mr. Edwards has truly mastered the art of the mix.

PS-Have you listened to the new Ash single yet? It's right here.