7 Stylish Winter Hats

It's getting cold outside, which means I need a hat. Now that we know how to deal with hat head, we can venture into noggin-wear without worry. Here are five winter options to consider: 1. Silver Grey Cap with Rose Flower, Bonnywear ($30, shown). This watch cap is what happens when a boyish beanie meets a girly wild rose. Pretty!

2. Billabong Hampton Beanie, Swell ($22). Maybe it's just those omnipresent Twilight stars sporting this style, but the beanie is winning me over. I'm a fan of cable knit, and Billibong's is a cozy sweater-hat hybrid. I also like the looks of Delia's popcorn beanie ($14.50) and the very un-Forks Jewel-Tone Slouch from Wet Seal ($10.50).

3. Puffball, Monica Burnett ($38). This delightful creation is made for a whimsical day! You can choose to have your puffs in pink or brown. (Oh, and if you live somewhere warm and want the feel of winterwear without the whole hat, check out Monica's crocheted headbands -- too cute.)

4. Black Wool Cloche, lizarietz ($42). "Cloche" is French for bell-shaped, and this soft hat has the perfect pleats. It's a little pricey, but it's custom-fitted to your head!

5. DIY Patterns, Croshay Designs ($6). If you're way more handy with the needles than I am, you can snag a PDF of your favorite pattern and start creating your own head-wear instantly! I like the Juliet Cap + Rose Pin. Anyone want to make it for me?