Hear(t) It: Tahiti 80's, "Activity Center"

 You know how sometimes you'll forget about a dress in your closet that you haven't worn in a while, and when you put it on, you wonder why your love for it ever faded in the first place? Well, that happens to me with bands, and I'm currently rediscovering my love for a great French band named Tahiti 80. I bought their first album way back in 2000 and, though I've lost track of them over the years, I was lucky enough to hear them play a show in NYC last weekend to help promote the US release of their fourth album, Activity Center, due out November 24.

French bands have a certain sophistication for writing smart pop songs. Phoenix may be a more buzzworthy band these days, but Tahiti 80 -- who met as students at the University of Rouen -- certainly deserve more recognition in the States. The foursome ooze catchy hooks and lyrical savoir-faire. Imagine a cross between the Cardigans and Maroon 5, with a bit of Jackson 5flavor thrown in. Singer Xavier Boyer's voice is sweet and seductive, rolling words off his tongue like a piece of butterscotch. It's pretty dreamy.

Listen for yourself: my personal favorite track, "All Around." Prepare to get this song stuck in your head.