Katelyn Rose, 17, is Suddenly Darling

Katelyn Rose was a Teen Vogue Girl of the Week over the summer, and beyond her own envy-worthy closet, the 17-year-old San Diego native has created Suddenly Darling, a site that showcases her unique finds, interesting vintage pieces and ingenius styling. Suddenly Darling also aspires to help girls dress fashionably with a modest twist. Her style got our attention, so we asked her a few questions: I Heart Daily: Why did you start Suddenly Darling? Katelyn Rose: "I had the idea to not only show girls how to dress fashionably, but also modestly. When people think of the word 'modesty' they automatically think 'boring' and 'ugly,' when really it's just about being creatively aware of what you wear. Through Suddenly Darling, we encourage girls to do just that.

IHD: You also encourage charity. Tell us about the Darlings Give Back section of the site. KR: That's where members can share stories of how they gave back or did something nice for someone else -- it gives us all a chance to inspire one another. We have a contest every month and we randomly choose one winner to have their story featured. They receive points on the site that can be exchanged for gift cards!

IHD: What would you spend your gift cards on this fall/winter? KR: Oh boy! There's definitely a lot on my list, but on the top would be boyfriend blazers, coats, trouser pants, 80s inspired jackets, floral dresses (I'm a sucker for floral), booties and anything with bows. Fall and Winter have to be my favorite seasons because you can layer your outfits!

IHD: Who are your style muses? KR: A band called Castledoor. They dress very funky while wearing vintage clothing and they aren't afraid to stand out, which I love to do! I'm always looking at their photos for inspiration.

IHD: What's your favorite outfit right now? KR: The one in the photo. I'm wearing my new black-bow coat that I absolutely love! I saw it at Anthropologie and I couldn't walk away without it.

PS - Her coat's totally cute, but pricey! This one's also rad and a little less $$.