More Glee-ful Shows To Watch

How many of y'all are watching Glee? I am! There's nothing I like more than a bunch of social outcasts prevailing as the cool kids. And if they can do it in song, then even better! Tonight, I'd normally be sitting in front of my TV watching Glee, but episodes are on a break until November 11, so to tide you over, I'm recommending a couple of shows about high school life you might have missed the first time around. They're two of my favorite TV shows of. all. time. And if I may add -- and I will -- Gossip Girl ain't got nothing on these two series. My So-Called Life. Oh Angela Chase. She represented every 15-year-old girl who ever cried over a zit, obsessed about a boy or hated her parents -- so basically, every one. The critically acclaimed one-hour show followed this hyper-thoughtful, intelligent girl, played by Claire Danes in her breakout role. Finally! A show that represented adolescents as smart and sensitive people! We're still pissed at ABC for canning it. DVD available online and on NetFlix!

Freaks and Geeks. NBC's Freaks and Geeks focused on a group of high school misfits in 1980s Michigan. Judd Apatow (you know, that guy who wrote and directed Knocked-Up and Forty-Year-Old Virgin) created the show, which spawned the careers of guys like Seth Rogan, James Franco and Jason Segel. The timeless themes of awkwardness and humiliation are painful... and pee-in-your-pants funny! Cool kids suck; long live freaks and geeks! We advise you to buy the DVD set. Like, NOW. Or at least NetFlix it.