Sequined Wardrobe Picks Under $30

If worn together, these 5 sequined items might make me look like a Lady Gaga backup dancer. One at a time, though, they're shiny sophisticates. 1. Sequin Tap Short, Silence & Noise ($28, shown). In silver, gold, black or purple sage, wear these shorts with warm tights and you will want to dance.

2. Wide Sequin Belt, Wet Seal ($10.50). Buckle this baby around any old plain dress or tee and you're instantly in fashion editor territory.

3. Lurex Glitter Tights, We Love Colors ($12). Your legs, in lights. If you're crafty and prefer that only your seams shimmer, here are some DIY instructions from M.I.S.S.

4. D Day Gray Handknit Fingerless Gloves, purlharborknits ($20). With metallic and fuzzy yarn, these sort of resemble steel wool pads... if steel wool were a fashion-forward material that sparkled up any outfit, that is!

5. Sequin Headband, Topshop ($10). This hairpiece is made with "nude" sequins. Really? Maybe like Edward Cullen nude in a sunlit field... but my skin? It doesn't quite look like this. In any case: Pretty! An instant outfit brightener. You can also go for the 2-pack of thinner gold and black headbands ($12).

Go forth in sparkle!