5 Fanciful Accessories

The holidays are coming, which makes me feel fancy. Anyone else? Here are five unique ways to pretty up your style this season: 1. Flight of Monarchs Butterfly Headband, Charm School Design, $36 (shown). Yes, this is wacky. But so pretty! Fashion walks a fine line, and you'll flutter on the right side of it.

2. Estée Lauder Opulent Shimmer Gold Lip Gloss, Nordstrom, $18. With a light touch of gold and a high shine factor, this gloss is the right kind of festive.

3. Cat's Meow Cocktail Ring, Fred Flare, $10. There's just something about a cocktail ring, and this bauble has glittering black-and-white rhinestones to catch the holiday lights. Dazzling.

4. Preening Pen, Anthropologie, $20. Anything you write with this peacock feather pen is immediately dreamy. Even homework.

5. Delight Your Room Wallflowers, Delight, $26.50. A set of 25 polypropylene flowers in black, white, pink, lime or chrome will make your room a 3D garden. Stick them up with embedded magnets or a simple tack. Instant whimsy!