Coupons From Places We Heart!

Now that we've pointed out do-gooder gifts, quirky presents, tech toys and beauty ideas, your to-get list should be pretty set. But we thought we'd hit you with one more bit of fun: Discount codes from 3 of our favorite shoppingspots! Enjoy.

1.  Fred Flare. We heart them, you heart them. There's a lot of love in the air! Pick up Bella's jacket from Twilight, an Andy Warhol inspiration box, or maybe petit four lip balms. Mmm. Enter coupon code "iheartdaily.1209" and get 25% off your order through 12/14.

2. Delight. This site is edited to include the best and the brightest, like Kiss-Me kits, mini herb gardens and recycled record necklaces. Zing! Enter coupon code "DelightHearts" (case sensitive) and get 10% off your order through 12/14.

3. EmiJay. These hair ties, made by two 9th grade wonder designers Emily Matson and Julianne Goldmark, are truly our favorite accessories for daily 'do-styling. If you buy one eight-pack of assorted ties, you'll receive a free headband as a gift. Enter the code "holiday" under the "referred by" box while checking out in order to redeem this offer through 12/18.

You're welcome!