Female Drummers Get Their Due

We've always been into female drummers (remember the amazing Sara?). So when I heard about Tom Tom magazine, a publication devoted to female drummers, I had to check it out. Tom Tom was started by Mindy Abovitz, the drummer for Taigaa, an all-female experimental post-punk band. She produced the magazine's first print issue this winter, and it's filled with profiles of lady wailers like Frankie Madeline Rose of Frankie & the Outs and the Dum Dum Girls (another favorite of ours), double drummers Lizzi Bougatsos and Sadie Laska of I.U.D., and Andrya Ambro of Talk Normal.

Abovitz says she started the magazine because representations of female musicians, particularly female drummers, are absent from the media. "My goal is to raise awareness about female drummers/ percussionists/ beat programmers from all over the world," she says. "I want to inspire femals of all races and walks of life to drum, and to create an environment in which female musicianship is the norm."

Check out full interviews and video on Tom Tom's website, and watch out for issue two's features on Kim Thompson (Beyonce's drummer) and JD Samson of MEN and Le Tigre. These are the kinds of girls you want hanging in your locker.

PS-Want to write about a female drummer you know or submit drummer artwork toTom Tom? Email Mindy!