Quirky-Cool Gifts, $20 and Under

We all have friends and family who are a bit on the eccentric side. We love them. We love shopping for them. Here are 5 gift ideas for the quirksters in your life. Because sometimes, a sweater from the Gap just doesn't cut it. 1. Mustache Pencils, Atypyk, $13 (set of 5, pictured). Math homework is way more fun when you work it out with these pencils that sport famous mustaches, including "Salvador," "Django," "Clark," "Zorro," and "Burt."

2. Felted Rings, Pen Felt, $7 each. Hi! Cute! Each ring is woolly, soft and eye-catching. Plus, shipping on everything on this fun felted site is free (even internationally).

3. Papillon Bracelet, Batucada Jewels on the Skin, $20. This eco-plastic jewelry looks like a tattoo, and it's waterproof and sweat-proof. Bonus: you can combine two bracelets if you want to wear them as a choker.

4. Wiggly Eye Dice, Leaf Cutter Designs, $12. Perfect for the sly game-player who wants to psych out the competition by insisting on using these googly-eyed rollers.

5. Balloon Animals Kit, Fred Flare, $10. Clown around with 24 XL balloons and a guide that helps you make swans, lions, poodles and more! Pump included. (Take note: We kind of love all of Fred Flare's $10 and Under gift idea page.)

Come to think of it, I want these presents for myself! Consider this a wish list.