Reader Question: How To Layer Fashionably

Are looking fashionably cute and keeping warm mutually exclusive? I Heart Daily reader Kailey wrote to us pondering the same question: "What are some style suggestions for winter? It doesn't rain or snow where I live, but it's cold enough to want to put on a few thick jackets in the morning." Well, Kailey, we turned to stylist extraordinaire Laurie Trott to answer your question! Not only is Laurie one of our favorite fashionable people ever, her amazing work has been in Lucky magazine, NYLON, and Who What Wear. Here's what she had to say on layering and keeping warm:

1. Your Base Layers. Start with a tank top. I've been really into the ones from Urban Outfitters that have lace trim at the neck. Then add a thin cardigan or fitted plaid flannel.

2. Layering Up. Every layer you add on top should have a hem that's an inch or two shorter than the one it covers. This keeps your proportions in check and makes the style more MK Olsen '07 than Heidi of the Alps.

3. Finish The Look. boyfriend blazer? Why not slip a quilted vest over that (American Apparel has them in vivid primary colors right now). If that is too lumberjack for you and you want to keep it pretty, try a faux fur vest on top of a tweed jacket.

4. Final Tips! If you prefer to go full throttle and do double-jacket, make sure the one on the bottom has a more fitted silhouette. You can also belt it so it's more waist-defining and less Michelin man. Another clever layering trick I like to employ (born out of necessity but was surprisingly chic and won me some style accolades on a LAX-JFK redeye) is wearing a chunky shawl-collar cardigan (like the one pictured) over a denim jacket.

Thanks, Laurie (isn's she intensely creative?)!

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