We Heart Eisley

Eisley. How I love this band. Hailing from Tyler, Texas the quintet keeps it in the family: the members are sisters Chauntelle, Sherri, Stacy, brother Weston DuPree, and cousin Garron. They make hauntingly sweet music, fit for enchanted forests or outer space adventures (fact: Eisley is named after a Star Wars character!). The band recently got back from tour in support of its EP Fire Kite, with Say Anything. Chauntelle and Sherri wrote to I Heart Daily to tell us what they're "hearting" right now!

I Heart Daily: What music are you loving? Sherri DuPree: My husband's band just released a new record that is amazing! They're called Say Anything (the record is self-titled). And I was a huge fan before we even met so I'm not biased! Chauntelle DuPree: Love Mew's new record!

IHD: What are some of your favorite beauty products? SD: Darla Makeup is my absolute favorite! They make all these really unique colors that stand out when we play shows or have photo shoots. They have this copper color coming out that I suggested when they were picking their colors and they named it after me! I felt special.

IHD: Name the one item of clothing you can't live without. SD: Dresses! I am obsessed. I literally collect them. Forever 21 makes all these cool ones for like $25 bucks so I have a ton. I hate spending a lot of money on clothes so I shop there constantly. CD: Can't live without a pair of comfortable, skinny jeans, and black low Converse shoes.

IHD: Favorite way of passing time on the tour bus? SD: Twittering! People make fun of me for how much I am on there but I love talking to fans and it's such a great portal for that. My twitter name is SDuPreeBemis so say hi! Also reading Neil Gaiman books. CD:Listening to my iPod. Reading anything fiction or sci-fi! Drawing or painting with watercolor!

IHD: Any other current obsessions? SD: I have an obsession with these weird Japanese collectible dolls called Blythe dolls. There's this whole community of girls who are into them and I've made several close friends through fan websites! CD: Decorating my apartment with old random paintings found in antique stores!