Baby Products For Beautiful Skin

Yesterday while I was baby-sitting, I realized I use a handful of the products meant for babies. It makes sense! After all, doesn't everyone strive for skin as soft as a baby's bottom? Here are five baby products that produce great results for adult skin. 1. Johnson's Bedtime Moisture Wash and Lotion ($5 each). I started using this gentle bath cleanser because other brand name soaps were irritating my skin. It did the trick. Plus, it has a not-too-strong fragrance of lavender and chamomile which is supposed to calm you while also leaving your epidermis smelling delicious.

2. Aquaphor ($5). This water-based ointment is regularly used to prevent diaper rash and sooth infant skin problems. However, it also doubles as an inexpensive and incredibly effective lip balm -- it's not too sticky and it leaves your lips with a natural shine.

3. Baby Wipes, Seventh Generation ($4.65). I admit it -- sometimes I'm too tired to wash my face and/or remove my makeup at the end of the day. Call me lazy, but that faucet is daunting. Instead, I'll just sweep a baby wipe over my face. Hint: if you don't like the smell of baby lotion, get the unscented kind.