Daring DIY with Home Rockanomics

Confession: I'm jealous of my crafty friends. You know, the ones who are constantly experimenting with glue sticks, sewing cute felt animals and giving handmade gifts that take more creativity than cash? But I think I've found a book that's going to help me catch up. Home Rockanomics by Heidi Minx (St. Martin's, $17) lays out "54 projects and recipes for style on the edge." That means a lesson in turning an old bike tire into a vegan studded belt and how to create lace-covered walls.

Plus, there are crazy tips that I really want to try, like using a mannequin arm to hold jewelry (slightly creepy but also genius) and creating instant belt loops with large kilt pins (why didn't I think of that?!).

The second half of the book is full of recipes from Heidi and some of punk's biggest bands (Bif Naked's breakfast shake, Flogging Molly's world-famous guacamole).

This is a tome for DIY girls and those of us who aspire to such heights.