Don't Text and Drive. Okay?

We don't go all Oprah-Public-Service-Announcement on you guys very often, but I had to today. Oprah made me cry last week with her "these people have lost family members to phone-distracted drivers" show -- prepare for serious go-get-the-tissue-box tears if you click that link. Also, a confession: I have texted while driving. I know I'm not alone. The Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project has determined that 43% of teens have used their cell phones while driving, 26% for texting. And 48% of teens have been in the car with a texting driver -- often one of their parents. So we all do it. Can we all please stop?

New research shows that texting while driving is the equivalent of driving after four drinks -- that's a lot! (The New York Times has a big series on Distracted Driving here if you want more scary stats.) Lots of states are passing laws against texting while driving and talking on the cell phone while driving (also dangerous, even with a headset!). But the truth is, this one's tough to enforce. We kind of have to be self-regulating here.

So I'm asking you to think before you pick up your phone in a car. Turn up Lady Gaga, roll down the window, and just drive. You'll be back on your cell soon enough. Cool?

Sign Oprah's (somewhat cheesily titled) No Phone Zone pledge to stop texting-and-driving. Then pass it on!