Flair For Your Couch

Can you ever have enough pillows? They're good for napping, sleeping, propping your head up while watching American Idol, or just for adding some stylish flare to a couch or chair. Needless to say, pillows are a necessary component for comfy living. Currently, I'm coveting the pillows at Beth's Etsy shop diffractionfiber. They're quirky, cute and unique, and they come in a variety of styles -- kind of perfect for personalizing a dorm room.

Her condiment pillows ($34 each) -- mustard, soy sauce, and ketchup -- spill out their goods, but won't leave a stain on your sofa. There's the "Made For Each Other" ($50) peanut butter and jelly duo, a delicious looking pie cushion ($32), and you can customize the fortune cookie ($19) pillow with your own special message.

Plus, Beth is offering a special 15% discount for I Heart Daily readers -- just tell her we sent you!