Hear(t) It: Beach House, "Teen Dream"

I've been a fan of Beach House's woozy, dream-like sounds since my friend Sandra turned me on to their first album back in 2006. The duo -- Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally -- from Baltimore, Maryland release their achingly beautiful third album, Teen Dream, today on SubPop. The nine tracks are what you expect from Beach House -- deliberate yet gentle songs that fill the air with mystery, desire and longing <insert heavy sighs>. Vintage organs and drunk-sounding guitars swirl together, while Legrand's weary but enchanting voice completes each song's hypnotic drone.

On "A Walk In The Park," a trembling guitar trades turns with the chorus: "In a matter of time, it would slip from my mind / In and out of my life, you would slip from my mind." A bit melancholy? Yes. But isn't that what being a teen dream is all about? Much like love, it's something that sometimes seems perfect, but seldom is <insert more heavy sighs

Watch the video for "Silver Soul" here, directed by Victoria herself, then stream the entire album here. Have a beachy-keen time.