Hear(t) It: OK Go's "Of The Blue Color Of The Sky"

OK Go broke into mainstream success with the 2005 album Oh No (everyone remembers their genius treadmill and dancing videos, right?). Immediately, they were labeled “that-band-with-those-music-videos.” Not quite as bad as being labeled, “those-guys-with-that-macarena-song,” but you get the idea. Pigeon hole. Bad. But today, the geek chic quartet from Chicago, releases its third album: Of The Blue Color Of The Sky (Capitol). Known for its multi-media gimmicks and pop hooks, OK Go’s new LP takes on an intelligent veil with 13 tracks of danceable, soul funk tunes that are sexy, introspective and inspiring of foot movement.

The album kicks off with everyone’s favorite modern acronym “WTF,” a Prince-inspired song with a fuzzed out bass line, and singer Damien Kulash singing in his sexiest falsetto. "All Is Not Lost," is a melodic, softly layered tune reminiscent of MGMT, while "Last Leaf" is a sweet love song that features only an acoustic guitar.

The rest of OTBCOTS shows the band making a natural progression from power chords to ambient sounds and carefully orchestrated arrangements, transitioning from guitar-rock to a band making good on its ideas and imagination. A perfect mix of fun and soul, heartbreak combined with hope. And dancing -- very important.

Watch OK Go's video for "WTF"!

OK Go - WTF? from OK Go on Vimeo.