Photobooth Fun For Your iPhone

I have an iPhone. While I'm not app crazy (I will not download the fart app), I enjoy the various photo applications available. One of my favorites is Shake It Photo, which turns any photo you take into a vintage-looking Polaroid snapshot. To further satiate my need for retro-like photos with the ease of modern technology, I found Photo Booth Classic. The program turns your pictures into a four-frame photobooth strip that you can upload to Facebook, Twitter, or print out to put in your locker, scrapbook or bedroom wall. Photo Booth Classic Plus in Color and B&W costs $1.99 and Photo Booth Classic in Black & White Only is $.99 cents. Considering a real photobooth cost about $3 a pop, this is a spend-worthy purchase!

Another photo app to check out is Slidz Playlist, which allows you to make customized slide shows with your own photos while listening to a song play. You can download Slidz Playlist Lite for free, or you can shell out $1.99 for the Pro edition that includes 43 photo transitions and 13 visual patterns. Take a look at the demo!

And for those who don't have an iPhone, you can still get in on the fun -- Poladroid lets you download your own personal Polaroid camera onto your computer, turning your regular photos into those iconic snapshots.