Robot Love

Welcome to the first Monday of 2010, otherwise known as... THE FUTURE! I don't know about you, but this whole 2010 thing has gotten me on a robot kick. Back in 1999, I really thought by now robots would be making my coffee for me giving me my biweekly blowouts. Maybe by 2020.

For now, here are five robot-inspired things I'm coveting. I see the future and it involves my wallet and some robots. 1. Robots Only Come Out At Night Shirt, Threadless ($10, pictured). Connect the binary dots on this shirt from threadless. When you turn the lights out, it glows in the dark. On sale now!

2. Robot Toy With Headphones, Hey Killah! ($40). Who said robots weren't cuddly? I'm not sure what he's listening to, but I'm pretty sure it's either Taylor Swift or Wu-Tang Clan.

3. Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots Game, Mattel ($25). This vintage toy from 1966 puts two robots head-to-head in a punching match. Nice to have an old-fashioned brawl without laser eyes.

4. Mini Robot Necklace, Lulus ($8). This silver robo lady may not clean your house or repair your appliances, but she will look cute hanging from your neck.

5. Lego Mindstorm (prices varies). Lego's Mindstorm line lets you build your own robot. What?! Yes. It doesn't come cheap (the kits cost a few hundred bucks), but your own personal robot that moves and does stuff? Priceless.