Sammy Davis Knows How to Thrift Shop

Sammy Davis is a 20-something New Yorker who's following her dream of bringing vintage and thrift store shopping to the forefront of the fashion world. "Thrift store shopping isn’t just for Halloween and 80s prom parties, although I heart both!" says Sammy. "Picking up items at your local Salvation Army, Goodwill or other charity shop not only improves chances of winning most unique dresser in your class (I did!), it also makes you a green fashionista by recycling clothing that would otherwise rot in a landfill."

Nice! But how do you find more than pit-stained rec-ball tees? We asked her for her three best tips to sifting through the racks:

1. Know What You Want "Thrift stores can be large and overwhelming, so arrive with a goal in mind. Stores are organized by clothing type (shirts, jeans, skirts) and by color. If you want a red short-sleeve shirt, survey the store and make a beeline for the right aisle. Give yourself time to explore, too -- patiently work through the racks and review each piece."

2. Scope Out Sales (Yes, even at thrift stores!) "The Salvation Army offers 50 percent off every Wednesday, and Goodwill stores often have special sales around holidays. Independent thrift stores use color coded tags -- everything with a pink tag is 25% off! -- to promote sales."

3. Go Vintage "Can’t break your online shopping addiction? Then check out vintage e-tailers for super cute one-of-a-kind clothes. The online vintage marketplace Market Publique is my fave -- you can even share your picks on Twitter and Facebook."

Cool, Sammy! Fashion bloggers, like Sammy herself, also have great ideas about how to put pieces together for inspirational style. (And now I'm totally coveting this French studded rainbow navy beret at Market Publique. Thanks.)