Sweet Grass Farm's Hand Salve

Chapped hands are incredibly unpleasant, but regular lotion never quite satiates mine in the dead of winter. Enter Super Duty Hand Care from Sweet Grass Farm ($8, pictured), a salve that comes in the form of a palm-size disk. It's kind of weird at first, rubbing this disk in your hands, but then the mix of beeswax, olive oil and lanolin -- plus lemon and lavender oils -- starts to seep in. It's soft, it smells excellent and it makes your skin feel unbelievably smooth.

In addition to their magic hand salve, Sweet Grass farm makes a bunch of natural, simple, affordable products that are based on country wisdom and hand-stirred kitchen concoctions. Also worth a look: Their Olive Oil & Beeswax lip balms ($3.50), which come in fun clic-clac tins and give lips a bit of a gloss while they sooth. Don't you just love cheap luxuries?