The Best Horoscopes in 2010

I have always been into horoscopes, ever since 8th grade when my YM magazine told me that I'd dance with an Aries on a Friday in March, and it totally happened (my Aries crush, no less!). I'm a believer. Today, I need more in-depth star-reading than the back pages of magazines can provide, so I turn to AstrologyZone. Astrologist Susan Miller's horoscopes are lengthy, specific and fun to read (there's a summary version at the bottom if you're impatient with lots of text).

She'll tell you when to expect a cash windfall -- or draught -- and which days will be hugely social vs. the ones better spent with ice cream and Glee-esque reruns.

I recommend marking the days that Susan says will be significant in some way. For me, and all you Geminis out there, it's a romantic month. Susan says "Romance will shine on January 2, 7, 8, 16, 17, 21, 26, 29, and 30." Um, yes! Now I get to draw little ♥s all over my calendar.

Seriously, read your January forecast, and let the dreaming begin. Oh, and check out these quirky, handmade zodiac creature pendants from artist Mark Poulin ($32). Very cute!