Top 5 News Posts of 2009

Happy 2010! The last of our Top 5 round-ups is the News Category. Here are five outstanding stories that we hope will inspire and intrigue you! 1. Cool Girls Doing Amazing Things.Elissa Bernstein (pictured), 17, has a passion for baking; Julie Zeilinger, 16, takes a look at feminism from a teenage viewpoint; and Sunshine, 17, blogs about living in Iraq, where guns are commonplace, but she still manages to see the beauty in life.

2. Even Models Have Cellulite. Guess what: those photos of so-called "perfect" looking models and celebrities? They all have zits, wrinkles, and cellulite -- they just get to be retouched.

3. From Bullets To Beauty. Lovetta Conto, 15, grew up in a refugee camp in Ghana after fleeing a war in her native Liberia. Now she makes unique jewelry from the melted shells of bullets -- remnants of the war.

4. Help Women Heal The World. The decade of bra burning may be history, but women's rights still remains an important global issue. We give you five ways to make a difference.

5. Girls Are Good At Math. A study finally proves what we've always known: girls are just as good at math as boys. Duh.