Country Chic on the Cheap

Here's what I have to say about the Vermont Country Store: Don't knock it. It all started as a mail order business in the 1940s (and I'm betting they still have a lot of the same products). Look at all this cool stuff I found in the catalog, then get your own, uh, free subscription. It's kind of like looking through your grandma's attic, in a good way. Even better: the finds are all new.

1. Chambray Smock Apron ($22, pictured). Kind of like what your elementary school art teacher wore, but also pretty awesome.

2. Vermont-Made Natural Soaps ($13.50 for 3 bars). Triple-milled with an all-vegetable base, and six scents to choose from.

3. Cabled Snood Hat ($25). This retro shape is having a fashion renaissance -- tuck in your hair for instant style and warmth.

4. Bubble Umbrella ($20). Transparent for visibility, extra-long for rain protection!

5. Goo Goo Supremes ($17 for a box of 24). Mix caramel and marshmallows into a cluster, top with pecans and cover in milk chocolate. Et Voila: Heaven.