Download This Mystery: Cathy's Book

Electronic devices like the Kindle have made it possible to read books digitally -- which is cool -- and though I'm all for technological advancement, I still prefer ye olde paperback. But, something's changed my mind. I recently downloaded a book onto my iPhone, and it's making me a believer in the power of digital reading. Called Cathy's Book, it's the personal journal/sketchbook of artsy high schooler Cathy Vickers.

When her boyfriend dumps her, Cathy goes into full-on Nancy Drew mode, trying to figure out what exactly went wrong in their relationship (yikes, haven't we all?). What she uncovers is played out in this iPhone app, where we're able to look at sketches she's drawn, watch animated videos, view websites, and listen to audio (you can "call" the phone numbers!). It's a multi-media smorgasbord of goodness.

Cathy's Book is actually the first of a trilogy, and was originally published in hardback (I own it). As good as the paper version was, its new incarnation is even better! It's completely interactive, which makes you feel like you're helping solving the mystery, too.

Watch the demo for the app below (and even if you don't have an iPhone, check out the books!):