Fashion Matters... Too Much?

At I Heart Daily, we believe fashion should be fun -- it's a way to showcase your style, personality and individuality. However, fashion does have a dark side, one that involves eating disorders, unhealthy body image and an obsession with being a svelte sample size. And a recent survey, Beauty Defined, conducted by the Girl Scouts of the USA illustrates these dangers. The survey included more than 1,000 girls between the ages of 13 - 17. Some stats:

  • 75 percent said fashion is "really important" to them
  • 42 percent said they know someone who has forced themselves to throw up
  • 37 percent said they know someone who has been diagnosed with an eating disorder
  • 25 percent think taking diet pills is acceptable

These numbers are pretty worrying, but the good news? Though teens report that the media and fashion industry are highly influential, in regards to their self-image, peers, friends and parents also play a very strong role in how they view their bodies. This means it's up to all of us to become good role models. Translation: no "mean girl" talk. An ancient, wise philosopher once said, "We are beautiful no matter what they say." (Okay, yeah, that was Christina Aguilera.)

The famously waifish Kate Moss recently said, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." Well, I say: "Nothing tastes as good as thinking Kate Moss is an idiot."