New Crush: Olympic Speed Skater J.R. Celski

J.R. Celski is a 19-year-old speed skating prodigy who won five medals at the 2009 World Championship. Now, he's skating in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games (they start tonight!) and he's a medal contender in a few distances for the U.S. Short Track Team. Plus he's cute and smart, and he took time to talk to us. So, you know, we're fans. I Heart Daily: How do you juggle school and training? J.R. Celski: In high school I was traveling all the time so I built good relationships with my teachers -- that helped. My friends were really understanding about me not having much free time to just hang out. They knew I was pursuing a dream.

IHD: The hardest part must be the discipline to always eat healthily (or is that just me)? J.R.: I always eat some kind of oatmeal or cereal and the morning, and then chicken or fish with rice and veggies at lunch and dinner -- there's not a lot of sugar. I saw some glazed twisty donuts in the grocery store this week and they looked so good. But I couldn't do it.

IHD: Torture! So do you ever have time to do fun stuff? J.R.: I play the guitar and I'm learning the keyboard. I love to play songs by Iron and Wine. I'm from Seattle -- we really pay attention to music. My favorites are indie rock and underground hip hop. I listen to a lot of Grizzly Bear, Arcade Fire, those kinds of bands.

IHD: And you're a big reader too, right? J.R.: Yeah -- my latest favorite book is Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston. It's the true story of a guy whose hand was literally stuck under a boulder, and had to cut his own arm off to survive.

IHD: Yikes! Okay, one more serious question: You had a pretty scary accident recently (J.R. got sliced through the thigh with a razor-sharp skate about five months ago, and has been healing since). How did you overcome that? J.R.: I kept my head down and didn't dwell on what happened. I'm still fearless on the ice.

Fearless and awesome (and on twitter!). Speed Skating starts tomorrow at noon! Check the full schedule.